« jQuery Alert Dialogs - замена стандартным функциям Alert(), Confirm() и Prompt()


jAlert('This is a custom alert box', 'Alert Dialog');

jConfirm('Can you confirm this?', 'Confirmation Dialog', function(r) {
    jAlert('Confirmed: ' + r, 'Confirmation Results');

jPrompt('Type something:', 'Prefilled value', 'Prompt Dialog', function(r) {
    if( r ) alert('You entered ' + r);

Дополнительные примеры

Используем HTML
jAlert('You can use HTML, such as bold, italics, and underline!');

Используем стили

By changing the value of the $.alerts.dialogClass property (and creating your own CSS class), you can changes the style of your dialogs:

View the plugin source for additional properties that can be modifed at runtime.

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